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An excellent site with many games. I’ve been betting on this platform for months now and it’s been a great experience.

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I like the odds they have for live (in-play) sports, these are much better than on most other services. Also, Sunbet makes it really easy to track the results. The disadvantages include slow payout times and a lengthy verification process. Come here if you have at least some experience with online sports betting and do not get easily frustrated when asked to wait to get your money.

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The bookmakers that created this platform only care about your money. I had several problems with the site and NO ONE on the customer support team could help me. Closed my account and moving on.

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SunBet is one of those sites that look good on the service but are trash when you actually try using it. Like many other sites out there, it’s a scam that should be avoided.

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I'm sick and tired of online casinos ripping people off! They're always making up new rules to favor the house, and the games are rigged so that the odds are never in the player's favor. I've had enough of this nonsense!

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The slooowest website in existence. I got frustrated in just two days and left. Betting lags all the time on all of my devices, so it’s definitely not an option for me.

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For a sportsbook, Sunbet has an impressive selection of bonuses. Call me a freeloader, but that’s the main reason I signed up 😉 They also offer the largest number of sports to bet on among all the platforms I have checked before coming here! The betting odds are good too!

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Not ultimately the best there is, but I still choose because of their cool bonuses, which come up regularly. There is always some exciting incentive to grab! Appreciate it very much!

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Madalitso Glewy

They suspended my account the very next day after I made my first deposit! Never even had a chance to spend it! Sunbet customer support managers claim there is fraudulent activity suspected and that my account is under revision. I am not sure it will ever be approved for use again. Funny how these fraudsters should think I am the one who is cheating!

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Payouts at are really, really slow. Getting help is virtually impossible here. Customer support is only for appearances. The most frustrating online betting experience of my life!

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