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Sportingbet is a decent sportsbook. They offer a nice array of betting choices and fair odds. The mobile app could be faster, but it does the job.

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Sportingbet has let me down big time. I had high hopes for this site due to their standing, but it's fallen short. The mobile app is sluggish and lacks a data-free option, which most competitors provide. It's annoying trying to place bets or play games with a constantly lagging or freezing app. I won't be using Sportingbet again, that's certain.

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I'm not sure what all the fuss is about with Sportingbet. I found the sports betting options to be fairly limited and the odds are consistently against me. The casino games are just average and there's nothing particularly special about them. The mobile app is a disaster – it takes forever to load and crashes all the time. Plus, the customer service is non-existent. I wouldn't recommend this site to anyone.

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I was really excited to try out Sportingbet because of the great reputation they have in South Africa. But unfortunately, my experience has been pretty underwhelming. The mobile app is incredibly slow and there's no data-free option, which is a major inconvenience. I've also had a couple of issues with my bets not being placed properly and it's been a struggle to get ahold of customer service to resolve them. All in all, I'm pretty disappointed and won't be using this site again.

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Sportingbet is a solid betting site. They've got a wide range of options for sports and the welcome bonus is a nice touch. I haven't had any issues with their casino games either.

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Sportingbet is okay. The range of sports betting is good, but I've found the odds to be a bit hit or miss. The casino games are fine, but nothing special. I haven't had any major problems, but it's not my go-to site.

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Signed up last night and earned more than R2,700 in less than 2 hours. This morning, the money was safely in my bank account. Nothing to complain about, except maybe that they could have put more imagination into designing the website))

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I would not recommend using Sportingbet for your sports betting needs. The website is often down, which makes it difficult to place bets. Even when it is up and running, the odds are not always accurate. This can lead to some frustrating losses.

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Absolutely hated this platform! The promo code they gave me didn’t work, the site lags all the freaking time. How are you supposed to make bets?!

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Sportingbet’s promotions are only there to persuade you to place a bet on a particular sport. They never lead to wins. Not to mention that these are very rare and hard to get. Disappointed.

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