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YesPlay reviews

YesPlay reviews


YesPlay reviews page. There you can add you review and read reviews of other users of betting site


Rafiki avatar

Sometimes they pay you instantly, but other times it takes days. I was hoping for a more consistent experience. I am sure that many of your players would appreciate it if you could fix that and make your withdrawals a bit easier and faster.

Jabari avatar

My best luck so far has been with European lotteries like Spain Main and Ireland Lotto Plus. Prizes are more modest, but the odds are much better, so wins occur frequently. YesPlay has the easiest money withdrawal system of all the SA websites I have tried before, with no overly complicated verification or unnecessary delays. Simple and quick. I’d easily give the service five stars and recommend it to all my friends who are into online gambling!

Paulina avatar

One of the few betting platforms I trust. Firstly, the site is well-designed and it’s obvious how you should use it, even if it’s your first time opening it. Secondly, the selection of events and games is awesome! I’ve been using it for a year now and it’s exactly what I was looking for.

Pokuya avatar

Excellent platform with a convenient interface. This is the first service that I tried that is actually user-friendly and not confusing. I have won small sums here and there on YesPlay and it’s definitely my go-to site when it comes to lotteries and betting on sports events. I contacted their support team only once and they were extremely helpful, so it’s a good service to consider if you are looking for a trustworthy provider.

Morty Fahar avatar
Morty Fahar

Very nice website. I’ve been using it regularly for months now and managed to win some small sums several times. I have nothing bad to say about YesPlay.

Sandile avatar

They have the biggest number of betting events I have ever seen. Everyone can find something to enjoy. For me, it is definitely Texas Holdem. My wife is a passionate lotto player, she likes the simplicity of YesPlays interface. Although big wins don’t come often, when they do, the money is paid out quickly and in full. No complaints here!

Rupert Fogotty avatar
Rupert Fogotty

I’ve been betting on Yesplay for 1.5 years now and I can expertly say this is one of the most transparent and user-friendly bookmakers out there. The withdrawals and payments are super-fast; never had to wait for more than a day (usually takes less than a few hours). Love it!

Mwamba avatar

It is my turn to share a few truths about the platform. I have noticed a very baffling tendency happening on YesPlay: the bigger the winnings are, the more time it takes them to give you your money. Once, I had to wait for 4 days and contact customer support service twice to be paid. If you read this, please do something to make withdrawals easier and faster.

Isoke Geyu avatar
Isoke Geyu

YesPlay is by far the most convenient and friendly platform I have been on, and with one of the richest game selections, too. I only hope that all the positive buzz it has been getting won’t spoil the service – I have seen that happen to other good betting sites before.

Jabari avatar

Fast delivery and good quality product is excellent. i would highly recommend it!

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