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A decent bookie website with lots of fun betting stuff to do. Been happy playing here for the past 7 months.

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If you're looking to lose your money quickly, then Hollywoodbets is for you! The odds are terrible. Stay away from this site if you want to keep your hard-earned cash.

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The platform is just the WORST! I am shocked that it is still going after all this time and no one can shut them down. My account got blocked one day but they unblocked it several days later. I thought it would work fine from this point but now they don’t pay me the money I have in my account. Horrendous service.

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Nicholas is a bogus site, winning anything here seems impossible!

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I started using Hollywoodbets for sports betting and this was a huge mistake. At first, I thought the site worked fine but they blocked my account after a week and the customer support just make it seem like it was my fault and they cannot do anything about it. Ridiculous!

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It is pretty clear that Hollywoodbets is not worth your time or money. The interface is horrible, the selection of games is terrible, and the customer service is non-existent. Basically, if you are looking for a gambling website that will give you a headache, then this is the one for you.

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Hollywoodbets is one of the best and handiest online betting services for SA residents. I very much enjoy their varied cricket betting options. Verification and payouts are fast and easy.

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Do not sign up if you do not want to be tricked out of your money! Hollywoodbets is a sham company that steals your winnings!

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Mtendere customer care does not care!!! If you have a problem, you had better find a way to handle it on your own. They will not bother to even listen to what you have to say! Absolutely the worst bookmaker site in SA! I am being super generous when I say it is a 1-star company.

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