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Mtendere customer care does not care!!! If you have a problem, you had better find a way to handle it on your own. They will not bother to even listen to what you have to say! Absolutely the worst bookmaker site in SA! I am being super generous when I say it is a 1-star company.

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Edet G

I was wary of this site from the beginning and I was right. They close accounts without any explanation all the time, so I’m quite sure they are just scammers who wait for players to make deposits. Avoid!

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I’ve been playing on Hollywoodbets for two years and I always recommend this site to my friends. It is easy to start, you have all the tools you need quickly accessible, and the choice of games is delicious. Withdrawals are instant, and the platform always makes an extra effort to please its customers.

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Malike G

I’ve tried a lot of sports betting sites for a while now and this isn’t one of the good ones. They don’t give a damn about the users. It was OK at first, then they disabled my account for no apparent reason, admitting they made a mistake but did nothing to rectify the situation. Awful customer service.

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Zolu Yoshyu is overall good, but its design definitely needs a bit of sprucing up. It looks too plain and lacks the genuine casino feel that other platforms in its price range have.

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Nomi Putef

The site freezes all the time, I tried on different devices. But the worst thing is that I made several bets and won once over three weeks ago, but they still haven’t paid me.

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Olumide Y

This is a very suspicious site, it’s obvious that they just want to take your money. They don’t meet safety requirements. I had issues with withdrawing money, which is why I stopped using it.

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Pakita Garaw

A great platform for betting on sporting events and lottery results.

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If you are a very gambling man, Hollywoodbets is a great choice for you! I have not noticed any disadvantages with the platform. It always has very fast withdrawals, responsive technical support and much more. I would recommend this site to my friends as I have had positive experiences with it for over 5 months now.

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Player Jack

I opened an account as I had seen the advert for their introductory offer. I made a deposit and played just 2 days of the offer. Then my account is closed with online help citing terms and conditions. Ridiculous

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