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Awesome site! A heavy focus on sports betting, which I enjoy. The interface is simple and straightforward.

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While PlayaBets may be an option for some, I would not recommend it based on my experience. The site is often down or unavailable, which makes placing bets very difficult. Even when it is up and running, the odds are often not in favor of the bettor. I have lost more money than I have won using this site, and I would not recommend it to anyone looking to place bets on sports.

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PLAYA is a total garbage of a betting site! Their customer support never reply, it doesn’t matter how often you contact them. The platform has slots and some virtual games but they are of terrible quality. Sports betting is incredibly confusing, I seriously don’t know how anyone can use this site for more than a day.

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Beware! Playabets will let you play, but it will be very reluctant to pay if you win.

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Withdrawals are joke on this platform! I won some soccer bets a month ago but this scam site won’t pay me my money! I guess they just scam people by giving promo offers and discounts but they don’t pay. It’s not just me, my friend also has the same problem, so they obviously earn money this way. Waste of time and money.

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Playabets is a sports betting site that I have found to be unreliable and often inaccurate. The odds are often skewed in favor of the house, and I have lost money on more than one occasion because of this. I would not recommend it to anyone looking for a fair and honest live sports betting experience.

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Playa Bets looks appealing and has a vast array of sports games along with some really fine lotteries. Processing cashouts doesn't usually take more than a few hours. I recommend it!

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Good site, lengthy withdrawals. is the right place to start if you are new to sports betting, but an experienced gambler will probably find its functionality somewhat lacking.

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Never have anything to do with if you want your money to be safe! These are total scammers! Find a reputable casino and take your game there instead!

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I did not log into my Playabets account for nine months, so they deactivated it without finding a way to warn me that it was going to happen. My account had an extensive history of bets, hundreds of transactions associated with it, and my balance was in the black too! How dare they shut it down like that?! After contacting their customer support multiple times, they banned me. There were no apologies, no refund offers, no nothing! What a disgrace!

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