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Good bookmaker, good choice of sports. Proving my ID to get the first withdrawal was a bit tiresome, but that is how it is with every gambling site out there. I won R3000 betting on basketball, and the money arrived quickly.

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Esports betting is a terrible idea and you should never do it. The odds are always stacked against you and the house always wins in the end. You're better off just playing the game for fun and not trying to make money off of it.

Frederick avatar

A crap casino that won't let you win. It hurts to think about all the money I lost here. There literally was NOT A SINGLE WIN! Stay away and warn your friends against coming to!

Kevin avatar

OMG! The worst betting website ever! Sluggish, unresponsive, and very, very slow! No good!

Carol avatar

I have a lot of experience with betting and this is an absolutely useless platform. Because the site looked ok, I expected it to be much better but it freezes all the time and my accounts was blocked and unblocked several times. Don’t recommend it.

Wendy avatar

Took the managers at over 10 days to answer a pretty innocent query. Very poorly organized service, very inefficient.

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The payout arrived just minutes after II placed my withdrawal request. Never seen anything so quick before. I am deeply impressed with Betway!

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The signup process with Betway is quick and smooth. The verification is relatively painless. A good pick of games and a generous welcome bonus. Helpful managers. So far, I have not seen anything I did not like.

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The competition must be entirely absent for dodgy businesses like to thrive like that… With so many complaints and negative reviews posted every day, I cannot understand why people keep coming and bringing their hard-earned money here. That is very sad!

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Betway is garbage!!! They have been stealing money from players for years! How many more people do they have to defraud for someone to finally take legal actions against them and shut this stinking bookmaker down?!

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