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Itai Fer

All the games available at are enjoyable, and the website is functional and relatively easy to use. However, the customer care here is a complete disaster. You will spend hours trying to get in touch with them via live chat only to hear that they cannot help you until the matter has been thoroughly looked into by the supervisor. Settling a dispute is excruciatingly slow. Inefficient. Sluggish. Annoying.

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Rajabu G

Love playing on, have had some good luck with sports bets and blackjack. But what they say about the verification taking too long is completely true. They make you go through hell and high water to make sure you are who you say you are. I have never seen a betting site so nuts about security. Not sure if it is a good or a bad thing.

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Kwabena Gluy

I’ve been seeing some positive reviews but I don’t know about that. My experience with the site has been anything but positive. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Sifiso avatar

I would recommend you stay away from this glitchy platform. Customer support is straight up rude on this site, so don’t expect them to help you.

Lotoya H avatar
Lotoya H

What a useless platform! At first, the service seemed fine and I also read some positive reviews, so I trusted it. As it turned out, I couldn’t withdraw my winnings and I tried everything. I wouldn’t recommend the site to anyone.

Zolu P avatar
Zolu P

Came here to leave a positive review, but now I’m a bit worried after seeing the reviews here…

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Yamina Yat

If you want a good reliable site for betting, avoid Bet.Co.Za. A very dodgy platform, they take forever to pay winnings. Customer support is unfriendly and they don’t help you with problems.

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Complete waste of my money. Complained to technical support several times that I can’t withdraw money, they said they will fix this problem, but it has been a month and silence. Stay away from this site.

Latiga avatar

Great site for games, and access lotteries around the world. Love it easy to use, fast and keep coming back!

Olga H avatar
Olga H

Betco has been my favourite betting site so far! It has the best odds for sports events, fast payouts and lots of information on lotteries and gambling. I recommend it!

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