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Are you ready for the Lotto and Lotto PLus draw on Wednesday 11 september 2019.  It's yet another chance to find out whether or not... If you have played and want to check whether you have won , you are in the right place. If the result did not appear, you   might need to refresh or restart your browser. Here  are the winning Lotto , Lotto plus 1 and Lotto plus 2numbers for Wednesday 11 september 2019. Main Loto Draw: 5,10,32,35,36,49 Bonus Ball: 26 Lotto Plus1: 2,8,24,35,45,50 Bonus Ball 26 Lotto Plus 2:1,12,20,24,42,48 Bonus Ball 38. If you are buying from aa existing Lottery outlet, they closes at 20:30 of the day of a draw. The terms and conditions for other lotto services vary.