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They are legal  mathematically proved ways to increase your odds of winning Powerball, it  gives you advantage when it comes to wining the jackpot. Knowing how to boost your powerball odds wil help you as you play to win the world's most exciting lottery. If you want to give your powerball lotto odds , the biggest boost possible, you will want to join a syndicate. It's a muti-line entries shared by a group. Each member of the syndicate owns a number of shares and id entitled to anywinnings commensuratewith the share ownership. For Example, you own a share of 100- Line syndicate, the price of a one-Line entry , you get to play with the with the odds of 100 lines.That's an emormous boost!However , if your syndicatewins $100,000, you will receive only $1,000. But with 10 shares you 'll receive $10,000 e.t.c The biggest Powerball syndicate winners have won huge jackpotsand made millionairesof everyone in the syndicate.